Procedures & Prices

Procedures & Prices

Making you comfortable with commissioning a painting

These are the steps for commissioning a painting involving a sitter. If you are interested in a painting from a photograph then please click here.


Step 1 – Initial Discussion

Discuss any ideas/thoughts they may have for the project. It’s an opportunity to spend a little time with the sitter; a couple of hours in someone’s company can be invaluable in getting a brief insight of character.

Step 2 – Follow Up

Over the following week or so, discussions would continue via Email or phone and we would develop a rough idea of direction for the sittings. I try to keep the sittings to a minimum; normally it would involve a couple of afternoon sessions where I would visit the client, as I find sitters to be much more relaxed in their own environment,  where I’d make a few planning sketches and take many reference photos.

Step 3 – Mock Up and Plan

Mock up a few composition ideas for consideration (either sketches or photo-shopped). We would then spend a couple of weeks fine-tuning via email until there was a definitive agreed reference for me to work from. Finally I would put together an Agreement Email detailing all aspects of the project (size/cost/timescales etc) for approval, with a 25% deposit requested as a firm commitment to the project.

Step 4 – Producing the Painting

Then painting would begin from my studio, depending on workloads and complexity a portrait can take between 1-3 months however consideration will always be given should there be any specific deadlines involved. Further sittings may be required and you will be kept informed of progress throughout.