Be Inspired

Be Inspired

I believe genuinely my experiences help improve other people’s lives in work, relationships, love and life. The numerous standing ovations I receive are a testament to my belief in a story that adds value.

What I do

I tell stories; tales and dramas about my life.


Everyone has a unique perception about life and there are some who have experienced extreme examples about hardship, trauma, love, career, spirituality. I am one of those people; though I never intended to promote myself as an inspirational or motivational speaker. My vocation as a professional speaker happened because I suffered a traumatic brain injury half way through my successful career as a leader.


Learn something new and be inspired

In my collection of life stories an audience will see life from a different and unique perspective; notice how to value success and failure equally; relate to another person’s view or difficulties; learn something new; and be inspired.

  • I will bring energy into a company and inspire employees to think differently about challenges they may face
  • I will show that a challenge can be exciting and a reason to grow not fear
  • I will inject a unique perspective translating into renewed energy and a rise in productivity
  • I will raise positivity and instil drive in my listeners.

I am not arrogant though I believe in my story and how it will benefit anyone willing to listen.

Thought provoking & Entertaining

From Sandhurst to the stage, I am a creative inspirational speaker, leadership expert, artist, actor and much more. My narrative is about the new energy released from the destructive force of an IED explosion that changed my life forever. My candid discussion about my own post injury issues with mental health has opened up conversations about depression as a very real and personal issue.

My life is about holding two apparently contradictory positions at once: a robust ex-Army Officer and now artist; negative and positive thoughts; a shattered and whole life; a functional and dysfunctional brain; and being powerful, determined and strong yet fragile. The story of my recovery and transformation is a thought provoking, visceral and entertaining perspective that engages audiences and leaves them mesmerised.


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